Tube and Pipe Finishing
Kraft Werks specializes in custom design and manufacture of finishing line products for the tube and pipe industry.

After any pipe is made, Kraft Werks can finish it.


Pipe Cross Roll Straighteners
Hydrostatic Pipe Testers, Leak Testers and Collapse Testers
End Beveling / Facing
Pipe Rotary Cut Offs
Interconnecting Handling
Packaging and Bundling

After any pipe is made, Kraft Werks can test it.

Now you can have access to experience in design and manufacturing of the world's most advanced Hydrotesting Systems.

  • Intensifiers
  • Filling and Purging
  • Pipe Alignments
  • Flush Out / Wash Out
  • Clamping
  • Tooling
  • Seal Optimization
  • Drifting


  • Test Head Removal Fixture
  • Test Head Redesigns
  • Tooling Updates

After any pipe is made, Kraft Werks can handle it.


Giving you access to various designs to handle pipe products throughout your plant.