Ash Handling Systems

Kraft Werks has been providing ash handling equipment since 1979. We supply retrofits under-furnace bottom ash handling conveyor systems to utility coal-fired power plants as well as retrofits ash extractors for municipal solid waste incinerators / waste-to-energy facilities.

submerged chain conveyor systems

Submerged Chain Conveyor Systems

  • Under-furnace SCC collects, cools and dewaters bottom ash in a single piece of equipment
  • Low water consumption: retrofit costly wet hopper and sluicing system
  • Available with furnace chutes, cooling water systems, transfer conveyors and control systems
  • Discharged ash ready for sale / disposal
  • Lower installed, operating, maintenance and inventory costs than redundant dewatering bins, settling and surge tanks, remote dewatering conveyor systems and dry mechanical or pneumatic systems
  • SCC can receive pulverizer rejects and economizer ash eliminating associated dewatering, storage and unloading equipment

ash handling system - rendering

Ash Extractor

  • Ideally suited for mass-burn MSW incinerators accommodating oversized / bulky and metal constituents in the ash
  • Cools and dewaters ash for downstream conveying and metal-separating equipment
  • Robustly constructed and heavily armored, replace light weight European extractors not suitable for US industrial waste streams
  • Modular design to support retrofits without requiring building modifications or major equipment removal
  • Collects under grate siftings and furnace back-pass hopper ash

Our ash handling systems are largely shop assembled – right here in Medina, Ohio.

Team Member Feature:
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1 month
project duration
Fluid Drive Coupling Repair
Man with white shirt and grey vest
Centertown, KY
Kraft Werks was dedicated to ensuring our fluid drive coupling was repaired expeditiously – completely beating our expectations!
Kraft Werks originally estimated six to eight weeks on repairs for our fluid drive coupling – but they were able to complete the work faster than expected. We shipped the rotating assembly to Kraft Werks on June 7th and the housing to them on June 20th. They completed all work to the rotating assembly, completely assembled the fluid drive coupling

- Michael Daugherty
Maintenance Manager, Wilson Station
Big Rivers Electric Corporation

project duration
Gýrol Fluid Drives requiring tech update
project duration
Ash and material handling system installation
5 years
with Kraft Werks to date
Project completed as of Aug. 2023
Medina, OH
Kraft Werks has given me an amazing place to grow and be a part of a team that I love!
Kraft Werks for me is like family. I’ve known so many people here for years now – even before we became Kraft Werks. To be able to work with all these people at a company we built together is indescribable. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. People really do make everything happen here. Here you’re needed, valued

- Jessica Litton
Aftermarket Project Manager
Kraft Werks

Built in America

Original Equipment Manufacturer of all Kraft Werks TLT-ASH Handling Systems and TLT-Babcock Ash Handling Systems

  • Design optimized around end user’s equipment arrangement
  • Constructed from highly abrasion-resistant materials
  • Fabricated and assembled right here in Medina, Ohio
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