This is how Kraft plays.

You might’ve noticed we do things differently here. We’re pretty proud of that.

No matter how big we get, we are committed to never forgetting who makes us who we are.
At Kraft Werks, we believe work should be a place where you can bring all of who you are to the task at hand. It's a place where people come before the bottom line. A place where you can build a career that's more than a job, and where you can connect the dots between what you do and why it matters. We strive to build that kind of workplace. What we do may surprise you. We tackle complex challenges every day – from large machining jobs to engineering feats in industries as different as a power plant is from a municipality. Kraft Werks is a place where you can grow into the fullness of who you were meant to be, in all of who you are. We care for our people and give them the tools to take on meaningful, challenging work that makes a difference.
We're looking for smart, ambitious team players who love to play as hard as they work.
You've got a better opportunity to shine here than at a big global conglomerate. Here at Kraft Werks, we're American-based, operating both nationally and internationally. The opportunities for growth here are simply better – period. If you do well here, you grow and develop – and the talent you hone is invaluable. You get to work at the department level and higher. Everyone who comes through the door here is a valued team member, and if you deserve opportunities to grow – you get them! Simple as that.
If you want to know what someone values, look at where they spend their time, talent and treasure.
Werk Safe
Part of creating a great place to work means making a safe space for all. We are thoroughly committed to the safety of everyone who comes through our doors.
Werk Hard
Kraft Werks team members are wired to exceed expectations. It is a relentless spirit for excellence that drives us and makes us leaders in our industry.
Werk for Others
What we do for others is what helps us make a difference in this world. We enjoy providing exceptional value to our customers, our team, our community, and this planet we call home.
Werk Right
We firmly believe in doing the right thing – even when no one's looking. Integrity is at the core of what we do at Kraft Werks – and we take great pride in that.
Werk Together
We are committed to empowering each other to do and be our best. Collaboration, listening, and valuing each other makes this an exceptional place to work.
Werk Smart
Kraft Werks excels because of our habit of continuous improvement and a love for smart solutions. We celebrate innovative ideas that work.
Being your best self matters to us – a lot.
In addition to the opportunities for growth and advancement, we also know that your life outside of work is even more important. The time that you get to spend with your family matters. Your ability to get to doctor's appointments and focus on your health and fitness also matters. All of that contributes to you being your best self. Why do we care about that so much? Because we know that a happy and balanced individual brings that great energy to the workplace with them. The clients feel it. The team feels it. It contributes to the great company culture that we so highly value. You’re going to be well taken care of here.
Team Member Feature:
Here’s what team members have to say:
1 month
project duration
Fluid Drive Coupling Repair
Man with white shirt and grey vest
Centertown, KY
Kraft Werks was dedicated to ensuring our fluid drive coupling was repaired expeditiously – completely beating our expectations!
Kraft Werks originally estimated six to eight weeks on repairs for our fluid drive coupling – but they were able to complete the work faster than expected. We shipped the rotating assembly to Kraft Werks on June 7th and the housing to them on June 20th. They completed all work to the rotating assembly, completely assembled the fluid drive coupling

- Michael Daugherty
Maintenance Manager, Wilson Station
Big Rivers Electric Corporation

project duration
Gýrol® Fluid Drives requiring tech update
project duration
Ash and material handling system installation
5 years
with Kraft Werks to date
Project completed as of Aug. 2023
Medina, OH
Kraft Werks has given me an amazing place to grow and be a part of a team that I love!
Kraft Werks for me is like family. I’ve known so many people here for years now – even before we became Kraft Werks. To be able to work with all these people at a company we built together is indescribable. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. People really do make everything happen here. Here you’re needed, valued

- Jessica Litton
Aftermarket Project Manager
Kraft Werks