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Kris Klingmann
Head Machinist and Fabricator in Charge
a.k.a. Owner and President, Kraft Werks Group
Passionate about solutions and our team. Driver of growth and innovation. Relationship builder. Family man. Sports fan.
Kris serves as the Owner and President of Kraft Werks Group, but he likes to informally consider himself the Head Machinist and Fabricator in Charge. Prior to structuring the buy-out of what became Kraft Werks Group in 2018, Kris served in business development and operations management roles with major industry brands like Leitner Fabrication, TLT-Babcock and Howden North America. He’s managed business units responsible for project execution for a $20M+ value stream, applications engineering, operational performance and more. Kris is an experienced, solutions-oriented leader who has expertise in global business strategy, project execution and technical excellence. After Kris and his longtime colleagues endured round after round of subsequent mergers and acquisitions, he finally founded Kraft Werks Group when he discovered plans to close one of their production facilities in Medina, Ohio. Rather than see all his friends and professional teammates lose their livelihoods, he was determined to find a way...
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Area of focus
Relationship Development
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