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Jason Robertson
Official Kraft Werks Firefighter and Cat Herder
a.k.a. Director of Projects and Procurement
Jesus enthusiast. Wolverine in buckeye country. Passionate about people. Planner of things.
Father was a Boilermaker turned executive and mother was stay-at-home mom turned VP.  Jason understands the value of everyone in the organization.  He started as a young union labor foreman on blast furnace re-construction projects and grew professionally through several industries serving in directing roles for brands like: TLT Babcock, Air Enterprises and Global Spectrum.  Jason’s background has allowed him to create several company divisions from scratch while managing individual projects exceeding $100M.  Having spent the last twenty years in engineered-to-order capital equipment supply, he now serves as Director of Projects and Procurement for Kraft Werks. The now retired Zamboni driver graduated from Ball State University with a BS in Administration and University of Michigan with an MS in Management.  Jason chairs the board of his community youth basketball organization and loves his family more than he can describe....
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