How do we stay entrepreneurial? Aim out of the ballpark every day. We're chasing a vision here. Success naturally follows.

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Ed Dray
The MechCreator
a.k.a. President of Kraft Werks International, Director of Engineering
Forging Innovation at Kraft Werks and Beyond. Aim High, Play Hard, and Engineer Excellence at Kraft Werks!
Meet Ed Dray, the fearless leader of innovation at Kraft Werks, affectionately known as the “MechCreator” in the gaming world and the “Director of Engineering” in the realm of machines. MechCreator is his gamer tag for over 15 years, meaning machine creator, and as Director of Engineering, he’s designed and manufactured over 40 hydrotesters in operation to date. Crafting Success, One Breakthrough at a Time Ed Dray is not your average Chief Engineering Evangelist. He’s a maverick on a mission, aiming out of the ballpark every day, because here at Kraft Werks, we chase visions, and success naturally follows. From Mechanical Dreams to Xbox Realms When Ed’s not busy slaying failures and engineering excellence at Kraft Werks, you’ll find him in the virtual world, where he’s known as the “MechCreator.” He masters Xbox games to keep his skills sharp and his mind clear, applying the same innovative spirit that powers...
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