SET Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH New Partnership with Kraft Werks Engineering

SET Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH (SET) has signed an agreement with the company Kraft Werks Engineering (KWE) based in Medina Ohio U.S. recently. This agreement will allow Kraft Werks Engineering to support the sales and service activities in North America as well as introduce SETCON® to the exclusively selected customers. This official announcement also means that SET Sustainable Energy Technologies … Read More

How do Gýrol® Fluid Drives work?

Gýrol® Fluid Drives transmit power through a vortex of oil. The oil is accelerated by the blades of the impeller (connected to the driver) and decelerated as it strikes the blades of the runner (connected to the load). As the oil is accelerated, it absorbs energy from the driver. As it is decelerated, it releases this energy to the driven … Read More